Information for Authors and Businesses

Founded with a passion for literature and a love for pretty things, TitlePieces specialises in creating beautiful, high quality bookmarks and bespoke bookish items that speak to book lovers all over the world on another level.

At TitlePieces, we believe that every reading experience should be accompanied by the perfect accessory.


Bespoke pieces and PR Boxes

Choose custom pieces by TitlePieces to enhance your branding, engage readers, and offer unique souvenirs or promotional tools. We’re here to ensure you come out with a beautiful piece you can proudly share with your readers and fellow book lovers.

We can also customise and create your PR Boxes for your upcoming book from start to finish. Your book deserves to be celebrated!

If interested, please reach out to us via email at with the subject line “Custom order - Your Author/Store Name”.


Wholesale for authors and retailers

If you’re not looking for custom pieces, but would like to purchase from our general collection, we offer all authors and retailers a special discount on all our products. 

If interested, please reach out to us via email at with the subject line “Wholesale Order - Your Author/Store Name”.